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Frequently Asked Questions
What is ShastaRails?
ShastaRails is a site displaying photographs taken in and around Northern California concentrating near the small towns of Mount Shasta and Dunsmuir.
Which browsers has ShastaRails been tested?
Current statistics have shown that over 90% of all users are using Internet Explorer 5.0 and above. Another 4% are using Netscape 6.0 and above. Because of the time involved with tweaking and testing for older browsers (Netscape 4.x and IE 4 and lower), I have worked to ensure that users with these browsers can view the site but might not have the extra features or the same presentation. If you are using one of these browser (or any browser) and are having difficulties, please email me at the webmaster account using the "email" link at the bottom of this page.
The following are resources to upgrade your browser.
Ryan, What focal length lens did you use for your photo of the week at the Loop? Also, did you shoot it digitally?
I shot the AutoMax train on Tehachapi Loop using a Canon 28-135 IS lens (I believe I used 28mm for the shot). It was shot on Fuji Astia and scanned using a Nikon Coolscan 4000. If you'd like more information, email me at webmasterATshastarails.com
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