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This site is a collection of photographs and related information covering the Southern Pacific and other railroads in Northern California. It contains everything from railfan photographs to N scale models and satellite maps. The purpose of the site is to share my photographs, along with information to help others enjoy this unique area. I also enjoy recreating history by modeling from photographs to recreate the way things used to be. There's nothing I like more than going down to the tracks, taking a picture and recreating a smaller version at home. Take a look around the site and enjoy! If you have any questions or want more information on the Shasta area, I welcome all emails!

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Railroad photography has been my main focus for the last few years. I have an ever-growing collection of slides as a result of many weekend trips to Mount Shasta. My favorite areas to shoot are between Dunsmuir and Mount Shasta in the Sacramento River Canyon because of the beautiful landscape and photographic possibilities it offers. Because of the number of images already in the archive, I've built a database to store information on each photograph. This makes finding specific images fast and easy. For example, you can search based on Road (SP, UP, CORP, etc.) and you will be given a list of images starting with the newest one added to the site.
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Location:Roseville, CA
Description: The southbound Z train heads around the wye at Ros...(more)
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UP 844 Steam chase over Donner Pass.
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