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October 25, 2010
On October 1, I took a trip north along I-5 on the way up to Dunsmuir. The first stop was Woodland where I was lucky enough to catch the end of the switching job there. After a quick stop, we continued north and found the southbound Woodland job heading back from Cortena. Both of these jobs were handled by a single 500-series genset in the red/white/blue scheme. We let the Woodland job go after catching it at a couple locations as we were backtracking from our northward destination. Since we caught it just 10 miles or so south of Cortena where it swaps cars with the Corning Flyer, I figured that we'd be able to catch it before it got back to Corning so we took the side roads. We made it to Corning without seeing it but after a quick look around, determined that we missed it. There was something to the north so we headed a mile north of town to find a single genset parked in the late afternoon sun. The Hat Trick was complete.
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October 21, 2010
Almost two years ago, I headed up to Corning on a wintery day and chased the Corning Flyer on its southward journey to Cortena. My sons and I met it at as many locations as we could and had a great time of it.
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September 25, 2010
Some photos taken on Donner while heading back from a quick trip to the Colfax Railroad Days.
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August 24, 2010
The Feather River Express was a special passenger train that departed Oakland, CA on Friday August 20 and arrived at Portola, CA that evening. The route it took was the very scenic Feather River Route of the former Western Pacific railroad. The famous California Zephyr passenger train traversed these rails decades ago so this was a sort of recreation of those glory days. On Friday, I was able to photograph it at Cromberg and the Clio Trestle which are on the last few miles before it arrived at Portola. After spending Saturday enjoying the events of the Portola Railroad Days, we woke up Sunday morning to give chase to the train on its voyage home. It departed Portola around 9am with the 14 passenger cars in tow and headed back through the canyon to Oroville, this time lead by an original Western Pacific GP20 number 2001. I hope you enjoy the photos from this trip!
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August 22, 2010
I spent some time in Northern California and found a lone GP38-3 holding the Central Oregon and Pacific job at Weed. Since I was on vacation, I was able to catch some weekday action on Monday, August 16th where I chased it from Weed up to Black Butte.
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June 10, 2010
A special train departed the Western Pacific RR museum (Portola, CA) on Tuesday and because of the unique consist, I loaded up my sons and headed up the Feather River Route to intercept. Its destination for the day was Roseville where it would spend the night before heading to the annual Dunsmuir Railroad Days happening this weekend. Our first sighting was a James which is on the western edge of the FR canyon and it descends down into Oroville and the valley through Marysville and then to Roseville. Follow along on our 100+ mile chase.
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March 29, 2010
California Northern celebrated the its new genset locomotives with a one-car passenger special running between Davis and Corning on March 18. We first me the special a few miles north of Woodland and followed it all the way to Willows. We then turned back and caught up to the southbound freight working its way back to Woodland for the night. Here are the photos of the northbound chase.
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March 18, 2010
Some railfan friends invited me to join them for a Saturday on Donner and we saw all types of weather.
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March 6, 2010
Saturday opened up so I packed up the dog and my two sons and we headed up into the Sierras following the Roseville Subdivision. Clouds ruled the day but the sun shown a few times when it counted.
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February 14, 2010
My entire family went railfanning today including the dog. We headed up the Roseville Sub towards Donner Pass and explored around Cape Horn, just east of Colfax.
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January 1, 2010
Digging through some photos going back to 2006, here are some Southern Pacific relics.
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